The Italian credit card scammer visited the Museum on 25th March 2010 and is connected with the same thief in the background.

Italian Credit Card Scammer

On 25th March 2010 the above person tried to buy a 2,000 silver tea set with a credit card. When the shop staff wanted to phone to check the transaction, he made off. He is connected with the small thief below who is also shown in the above photo.

The two 'gentlemen' in the CCTV images below visited the Sherlock Holmes Museum on Saturday 5th September 2009 and stole a handmade Hound of the Baskervilles puppet costing 75.

Arriving at the Museum
1. Arriving at the Museum

Entering the Shop
2. Entering the Shop

Browsing for things to steal
3. 'Browsing' for things to steal

5.jpg (72138 bytes)

Discussing what to steal

5. Discuss what to steal

Anybody recognise them?
7. Anybody recognise them?

Side view


Two scheming thieves

Stealing the handmade puppet costing 75
11. Caught in the act holding the puppet

12.jpg (371278 bytes)
12. The base of the puppet

13.jpg (457855 bytes)
13. Leaving the scene

14.jpg (451512 bytes)
14. Another day's work over

If you can provide any information on their identity please email

Note: by using digital stills cameras it is possible to capture good quality CCTV images. This helps to reduce mistakes over identification. The image below is of an innocent pedestrian walking past the museum less than half an hour later. Without clear images one could easily have mistaken him for one of the thieves.

Innocent pedestrian
Innocent pedestrian - shows the importance of having good quality CCTV to avoid indentification errors.