20th May 2006



Oblique View

Side View

This young man has recently made frequent visits to the shop at The Sherlock Holmes Museum in Baker Street London. He has never bought anything and if given the opportunity he will hang around near the till area. On Saturday May 20th 2006 he verbally abused and spat at one of the Museum's employees. This amounts to an assault or at least threatening behaviour. The frequency of his visits and the latest outburst, whilst not necessarily serious in the scale of possible assaults, does cause concern to the Museum's staff.

The CCTV images show him visiting the museum on different days.

Further images of Bank Holiday Monday 29th May 2006

The suspect entered the premises and was seen to be crouching next to till in the front shop. A member of staff asked him to leave and told him he was banned from the premises.

The man returned on 9th September 2011 and stole money from the till. See Youtube video of theft.